Fantasy Hockey

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to post here before, but I know that there are a whole bunch if you on here! I've started a fantasy hockey league that covers the second half of the year because...well...I really enjoyed playing the first half and didn't want to stop just because "Season 1" ended.

In brief, you have 30 million dollars to put together a team, and you score points based on how well your players do. You also get 2 trades per week, and the prices of the players fluctuate depending on how many people are buying and selling. So not only are you trying to get the most points, but you're trying to build your team financially so that you can get better players as it becomes worth more.

If anyone would like to join, there's still a lot of room.
Click here, click on "Get your free team now," and then register and pick a team name.

League: Hockey Night in Suburbia
Password: toronto

Although the season starts today, you can join the league any time you like (but the sooner the better though so you don't fall behind in the standings). And let me know here too so I know who you are on there.

2008 Music Project!

Following the footsteps of my NaNoWriMo friends monkeyman and gruberman who write and post short stories every week, I've decided to do the musician's version. I'm going to write and record an original song every week, and each Monday, I will post it on my new website! An insane goal to be sure, but one that I hope will get me into the habit of writing regularly and not being afraid to share it. Feedback of course (positive or negative) is welcomed!

The first song is called In the Wings, and was posted yesterday. Check it out!

(no subject)

And with just under four days remaining in National Novel Writing Month....I bring you the following conversation that indicates the state of my brain.

linden_tree need happier subject. does incense ever expire?
gleefulfreak no!  in fact, it improves with age
gleefulfreak at least the good stuff does
linden_tree well then why is this stick so stupid?
linden_tree i light it...i blow it out, and it does nothing
gleefulfreak it is stupid!
gleefulfreak i usually light it, let it flare for a moment, then wave it around till the flame goes
linden_tree am i doing it wrong?
gleefulfreak if you don't let it catch enough before you extinguish the flame, it just won't burn
linden_tree *watches yet again as the flame extinguishes on its own, and it doesn't burn*

linden_tree *realizes how stupid she is, and turns the stick around*
gleefulfreak oh deb, TELL me you did not light the bamboo end
linden_tree *shifty eyes*
gleefulfreak if you lit the bamboo end, please go to bed because you need to sleep! :)
linden_tree i didn't pay attention when i stuck it in the thing
gleefulfreak that's why i like japanese incense - it's a solid stick, you can light either end, or break it and only burn a bit at a time
linden_tree's the incense's fault.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is my only text update for NaNoWriMo 2007. I hope you enjoyed it! I'm at 46289 so far, and expect to win tomorrow if I can manage to write my dark and disturbing scenes in a well-lit coffe shop full of hyper Wrimos.

Lack of updates!

So last year I updated here like a fiend during NaNo, but this year I've taken a more visual approach and have been posting updates to the NaNo Video group. If you want to see how my NaNo is going, check these out :) Some of them are set onto private and can only be accessed by these random links; that's why I'm not just posting one link to my profile on there. Anyway, I'll post 'em up here as they go up, I'm trying to do one every day.

Day 1 & 2
Day 3 (featuring Joseph starting his NaNo and a trip to the store)
Day 4 & 5
Day 6 (Toronto Writing Session #2)
Day 6 (Challenge to NY and Chicago)
Day 7 (so very stressed)